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Japanischer Kuruma mit Ikebana MoribanaIkebana, the Japanese art of arranging flowers, is fascinating, also in the Western world. Working with fresh flower material, branches and the manifold Japanese flower containers and vases, can give you inner calm and satisfaction just like other Asian arts.

Knowledge and intuition of the Ikebana artist is the base of an impressive arrangement. However, when using the right equipment, like container and authentic tools an Ikebana arrangement becomes a masterpiece of work.

I am very happy to present to you a wide selection of authentic Japanese material which is also being used by teachers and their students in Japan.

You can order online using the shopping cart. Every order will be executed within 2 working days, no matter how big or small your need will be. Prepayment for shipments abroad is needed.

If you prefer, you can always visit me in my place. Please give me a call in advance to arrange for an appointment.

Enjoy browsing my website!

Daniela Jost

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